Supplemental Citrulline Is More Efficient Than Arginine in Increasing Systemic Arginine Availability in Mice - discusses human bio-availability


In this research paper it concludes that supplementing with Citrulline is a better alternative than supplementing with Arginine to increase plasma arginine levels. 

The reason is extensive first pass metabolism where a large amount of the supplemental Arginine is destroyed during initial digestion. However, supplementing with a citrulline does not suffer this same fate with all of it  metabolising into arginine! 

This is why we chose to produce a Citrulline Supplement as the best way to raise plasma arginine levels and in turn to raise Nitric Oxide and NOT sell you an Arginine Supplement. 

Note also that CItrulline not only gives you a better nitric oxide effect, it can, unlike arginine, additionally Simulates Muscle Protein Synthesis and assist in maintaining Positive Nitrogen Balance – important for both athletes and those recovering from physical trauma or age related muscle wasting (sarcopenia).

So with Citrulline you are getting a much better Bang for your Buck!!! 





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