Comparing the effectiveness of the types of Vitamin C administered to reduce Free Radical Damage inflicted by physical trauma!


A 2016 Study on Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) examined which form taken will give you a better antioxidant response after inflicting arm trauma to produce free radical (oxidative) damage on human subjects. Click on Read more to see Chart.

Findings in chart shows - Intravenous, Liposomal encapsulated & Un-encapsulated (powder) consumed produced statistically the same antioxidant response while the Placebo group as expected did not reduce trauma markers at 4.00.

Why - because blood plasma Vit C is very different to cellular uptake of Vit C. 
Takeaways - when we train we also produce cellular trauma, think about it 🤔.
So when you take Vit C and how much you take will depend on each individual's circumstances and lifestyle choices.

The full study is available at under Clinical Research.

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