Omega 3 & other Oils

FDA Ruling on Partially Hydrogenated Oils - Generally Unsafe as a Food Additive

The FDA ruled in 2013 Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs) are NOT GRAS (not generally safe) to use as an additive. In 2015 final ruling with same conclusion. Big food suppliers did petition for extensions and exemptions - nice to see how concerned food suppliers are about our health...

This month on 18th June 2019 all suppliers must stop adding PHOs to all products. However they have until Jan 2021 to sell all existing products...
So in total it will "only" take 8 years to have this not-GRAS additive removed from product shelves...tbc

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Caution: Omega 3 Supplements are Not Created Equal - Choose Carefully!

Further to our instagram story: Oxidized Omega 3 Supplements can hurt you not help you. To find a quality Omega 3 fish oil brand look for 1. look for this on the label: EuroFins or IFOS-compliant, & 2. they are in Triglyceride Natural Form not from altered Ethyl Ester sometimes called Marine Oil (large majority on market). 3. Not from Phospholipids or Monoglycerides.  See below article for more details:

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