Studies - Vitamin C

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Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) Studies:

The below study demonstrates among other things that liposomal vitamin C is not different in benefits to the other forms of vitamin C being consumed.

Before you spend more money to buy Liposomal Vitamin C we recommend reading this Study:



Did these different delivery methods and resulting different plasma levels translate into different levels of protective properties against Oxidative Stress levels as measured on subjects put under stress tests to induce cellular oxidative damage?

Answer: No 

Lipid oxidation “was prevented by all of the vitamin C treatments and was unaffected by mode of delivery.” And further “we did not anticipate a similar degree of protection from all vitamin C treatments" (p.28).

Importantly, Figure 3 on p.28 plots the results in a chart. It shows how the  placebo had no impact in reducing oxidative damage while the powder (unencapsulated Vit C) reduced oxidative damage, on par if not better than the other two delivery methods.